Cosplay: Costume Contests


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All those teams interested in competing must attend the Geo Dinner in disguise. Due to the capacity restrictions in restaurants, if the capacity limit is exceeded, the valuation of the costumes will continue during the End Game activity: The Final Battle.

Contest guidelines:

  • All costumes must be based on the Marvel Universe, (heroes or villains)
  • Contestants registered for the geo dinner must go to it in disguise, where a first parade will be held. In the case of those teams that do not attend the Geo Dinner, but want to participate in the contest, their costumes will be valued during the End Game activity: The Final Battle.
  • 3 prizes will be distributed: first, second and third place. Registration will be done by teams (Geocaching Nick), and different teams can be grouped, taking into account that participants who present themselves as a group cannot present themselves individually and vice versa.
  • The jury will be made up of members of the Staff team.

The prizes to the winners will consist of: TB Trophy, Premium membership (in case of donation from HQ) and lot of La Agüela Avenger badges for first, second and third place.

The awards ceremony will take place during the Geo Vermute activity. Winners must be present at the activity to collect their prize, or have delegated to another team. In the event that this condition is not met, the prize will be awarded to the next classified.

The organization reserves the option of creating different second prize awards.

Note: Any team that comes to GeoCena in costume will be given an Exclusive Trackable Code.