And to finish the geocachera day of Saturday, you can not miss the Discomóvil that we have organized: bar for those who want to have a snack, good music and better company.

A pleasant moment in which, between dance and dance, we can share the anecdotes lived throughout the day.

So if your body endures and you want to continue enjoying the day, temporarily hang the geocachera backpack, disconnect the GPS, put the batteries to charge and come to have a fun time.

The only concern that we are going to give you will be to know if you are capable of following all the steps of the dance that is playing at that moment.


April 21, 2018

The Plan

23:30: Meeting in the municipal pavilion

23:30 – 24:00: Delivery of the prizes of photography and cache contests

00:00 – 01:50: Dance!!!!!

01:50 – 02:00: Group and/or pet photo